Be in Mission with Us

Calvary United Methodist Church has a long history of attention to Global Missions and local concerns within our community.

Purple Hearts prepare blankets for distribution to hospitals and others in need.

Project 52 designates weekly mission projects to which church members contribute

Ongoing service to the community is provided by the Little Lambs Preschool.


$26,288.00 Grand Total
Bashor $786.00
Beamon House $200.00
Bishop Children’s Fund $386.00
Boomerang Backpacks $1,056.00
Calvary Cares $594.00
Basket Auction proceeds $5,890.00

(Boomerang Backpacks - $1,938, Syracuse Food Pantry - $2,014,
Syracuse Elementary Students Needs Fund - $1,938)
Calvary Christmas Outreach $2,010.00
(Gas & Electric-$185, Syracuse Food Pantry-$280,                   
Teen Parent’s Succeeding-$60, Little Lamb’s $100,   
Repairs & Emergencies-$110, UMCOR-$125,
Christmas Ducks-$2409, Dairy Goat-$500,  
 One Year’s Health Care-$300)
Christmas Candles (Living Water Project) $400.00
Christmas Offering (Syracuse Food Pantry)$270.00
Community Dinners $395.00
Costa Rica Mission $2,425.00

Easter Offering (Elementary Students Needs Fund) $530.00
Habitat For Humanity $1,554.00
Henderson Settlement $126.00
Little Lamb’s $329.00
Madina Village School $52.00

McCurdy $107.00
Noble House $102.00
Operation Christmas Child $522.00
Purple Hearts $1,694.00

Red Bird Mission $331.00
Sleep in Heavenly Peace $675.00
Syracuse Food Pantry $1,975.00
Teen Parents Succeeding $188.00

Thanksgiving Offering (Boomerang Backpacks) $130.00
UMCOR $2,307.00.00
Umcor Sunday $924.00
World-Wide Communion $330.00

Join us in our caring ministries in the name of Jesus Christ!