Weddings at Calvary




United Methodist Church

801 South Huntington Street

P. O. Box 9

Syracuse, Indiana 46567



Rev. David Henry

Office Administrator

Lori Barsoda


Barbara Bartels

Home Phone 834-7992

Rev. June 2016


The marriage ceremony is one of the most sacred rites of the church. It is a service of

worship in which two persons commit themselves to each other in holy wedlock.

It is the desire of Calvary Church and its staff to make every wedding a beautiful and

Memorable event, and to extend every possible courtesy to wedding parties. Therefore,

Serious study and careful judgment have entered into the establishment of our wedding


Please examine this booklet carefully. If you have questions about its content or our

wedding policies, please contact one of the pastors or secretaries.


1. We recommend making contact with the church at least four months in advance of

the wedding. After receiving the deposit and completing the initial interview with

the officiating pastor, the date will be placed on the church calendar.

2. The pastor in charge will meet with the bride and groom for the first

interview to get acquainted, to inquire about the relationship of the

couple, and to establish dates for future interviews (about three hours),

the rehearsal, and the wedding..

3. Please complete the “Wedding Information” form at the back of this brochure and

bring it with you to the first interview with the pastor.

4. Schedule a conference with the church organist, Barbara Bartels to discuss and

select music that is appropriate for the wedding. Her home phone is 834-7992.


We prefer that all video taping be done with the existing light from the side or balcony.


Contributing Members Non-members and

And Constituents Inactive Members

Due one week Due one week

before wedding before wedding

NC Sanctuary Use $600

75 Custodian 75

100 Organist 100

(if accompanying Soloist add 10/rehearsal)

150 (Suggested Honorarium) Minister 200

15 Candles 15

NC Refundable Deposit 500

50 Sound Technician 50

Refundable Deposit will be refunded the week following the wedding after it has been

determined that all rules have been followed and there is no damage to the property.


The United Methodist Women will provide a reception setting at $75 for the first 50

People, and $3 for each group of 5 people thereafter. They will charge an additional

$25 for serving extra food (other than cake, punch, etc.).

The custodial fee for receptions is $45.

A refundable deposit of $50 may be required of non-members for the reception.


Best Man ___________________ Maid of Honor __________________________

Groomsmen_________________ Bridesmaids____________________________

____________________________ ______________________________________

____________________________ ______________________________________

____________________________ ______________________________________

____________________________ ______________________________________

Ringbearer ___________________ Flower Girl_____________________________

Ushers ______________________ and ______________________________________

____________________________ and ______________________________________

(Ushers may be groomsmen. Need one for each fifty guests.)

Other Attendants ___________________ _____________________________________


Officiating Pastor ___________________ Organist ____________________________

Photographer _______________________ Soloist _____________________________

Florist ____________________________ If altar flowers are to be left for Sunday

White aisle runner Yes _____ No _____ please sign up on church flower calendar in



Prelude Requests: Title & Composer Special Music: Title & Performer

______________________________ ________________________________

______________________________ ________________________________

Processional _____________________________ Service Music: Hymn # ________

For Wedding Party ____________________ For Unity Candle _________________

For Bride ____________________________ Recessional ______________________

Custodial Check List of things to be in place before the rehearsal.

Registration Stand… ___________________ Altar candles checked… ___________

Candle Lighters… _____________________ Altar/pulpit color… white __________

Kneeler …. ___________________________ seasonal __________

Men’s Dressing Area ____________________ Candelabras: 1 set _____ 2 sets ___

Women’s Dressing Area __________________ $15 charge

Wedding Fees: Amount Due __________ Date Paid __________ Amount Paid _______

Address After Marriage ____________________________________________________

Phone ____________________ ____________________


Calvary United Methodist Church

Wedding Date____________ Time ________ Rehearsal Date ________ Time _______

Reception Location__________________ Rehearsal Dinner Location ___________

Time __________________


Name________________________ Occupation ______________________

Address ______________________ Race: Black________ White_________

City ____________ State _______ Multi -racial ___ Other (specify) _____

County ____________ Phone _________ Previous Marital Status:

Residence (inside city limits?) Yes ___No___ Never Married _____

Birth Date _________________ Age _____ Last Marriage Ended By:

Place of Birth (State) ________ Death ___ Annulment ___ Divorce ___

Education (Last grade completed) ________ Date ___________

Social Security # (voluntary) __________ Number of Previous Marriages _____

Father’s Name ____________________ Mother’s Name__________________

Place of Birth (State) _____________ Place of Birth (State) _____________


Name _______________________ Occupation _____________________

Address ____________________ Race: Black _______ White _______

City _______________ State _______ Multi-racial ___ Other (specify) ____

County ____________ Phone _________ Previous Marital Status:

Residence (inside city limits?) Yes___ No ___ Never Married _______

Birth Date _______________ Age _____ Last Marriage Ended By:

Place of Birth (State) _______ Death__ Annulment ___ Divorce ___

Education (Last grade completed) _______ Date __________

Social Security # (voluntary) __________ Number of Previous Marriages _____

Father’s Name ___________________ Mother’s Name ________________

Place of Birth (State) _________________ Place of Birth (State) ____________



A reservation will be confirmed only when one of the pastors has agreed to officiate at

the wedding. Tentative dates may be cleared by phone; however, it is necessary that the

bride and groom have a personal conference with the pastor at least one month prior to

the wedding.


The sanctuary of Calvary Church is available for weddings and seats up to 250, with

additional seats in the balcony. A fellowship hall (with kitchen) is available for

receptions and is managed by the United Methodist Women.

Use of alcohol and tobacco are prohibited on the premises.

Bird seed may be thrown and handed out outside the building only. Paper confetti is not



Since there are extra costs for labor, maintenance, and service connected with a church

wedding, a schedule of fees is included with this brochure. Some fees are adjusted

downward for contributing church members and constituents whose regular gifts to the

church support some of these services.

All fees are payable to the church secretary at least one week prior to the wedding, and

should be written to Calvary United Methodist Church.

The marriage license should be brought to the church office one week prior to the



Church members who do not regularly attend worship and/or contribute in excess of full

fees will be expected to pay that rate. In case of demonstrated financial hardship, fees

may be negotiated in consultation with the pastor.



A minister from another church may assist in the wedding ceremony. However, this is a

matter which requires the consent of the pastor and a formal invitation to the guest

minister. A pastor from Calvary Church will direct the rehearsal and officiate the



The pastor will be in charge of the rehearsal. The bride and groom should insist that all

members of the wedding party be present and prompt. It is helpful if both sets of

parents are also present, if possible.

The church provides a dressing room where wedding dresses may be delivered at the

time of the rehearsal or the day of the wedding.


A beautiful sanctuary requires very little decoration. We discourage using any

decorations which will hide from clear view the worship symbols; including the cross,

the Bible, the communion table, the pulpit and lectern, and the kneeler. No furnishings

or existing decorations may be moved without pastoral approval.

The church provides all candles used on the altar table and in the candelabra with the

exception of the unity candle. If additional candles are used, they should be drip less

and adequate covering is necessary under them to protect carpet and furniture.

All flowers, clothing, etc., should be taken from the building when you leave the church

after the wedding.


It is preferred that all flash photographs be taken before or after the sacred service.

Pictures may be taken in the aisle during the processional and recessional. During the

ceremony, only non-flash pictures by the photographer from the back are permitted.

Couples are encouraged to have pictures taken before the service so that they can be

with their guests afterwards.