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"How do you get to Carnegie Hall?"   PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!  It's an old joke, but meaningful and truthful.  Carnegie Hall is a performance venue for the very best performers; whatever their talent may be.  To be booked there requires years of accomplishment and that takes practice.  Lent has given way to the Easter season.  It will last until Pentecost Sunday on the 23rd of May.  What about those Lenten disciplines so assiduously practiced for the seven weeks before Easter?  Are they still being practiced?  Or have they been put away until 2022?  Being in love and desiring a deeper communion with God requires intentional effort.  Lent can be a beginning to a disciplined connection with God.  it needs more than a seven week launch.  As any skill will require consistent and purposeful attention, so too the disciplines of Christian spirituality.  All of our efforts to improve our spiritual life are worthwhile.  God's attention span is phenomenally long.  Our every prayer and generous offering is received at the Throne of Grace with a chorus of thanksgiving.  Let the Easter season be a continuation of your Lenten season, and practice, practice, practice those loving disciplines.  Who knows?  A heavenly audience may be giving you a standing ovation!


This Sunday,  April  18 –  3rd Sunday of Easter    


Message: by Pastor David Henry

“Same Words”


Scriptures:   Isaiah 6:1-9;       Luke 24:36b-48


Special Music:  Amy & Lucy Rensberger



Next Sunday,  April  25 –  4th Sunday of Easter    


Message: by Pastor David Henry



Scriptures:   Zachariah 10;       John 10:11-18


Special Music:  Calvary Handbells





· Sunday,  April 18,  2021  -  3rd Sunday of Easter              


Isaiah 6:1-9;       Luke 24:36b-48


· Sunday,  April 25,  2021  -  4th Sunday of Easter                  


Zachariah 10;       John 10:11-18




2021 Budget - $223,683;   Need per week - $4,302


Given week of April 11 - $ 3,635;    Rec. to date - $52,058

Attendance April 11 – 35




Apr.  12  -  Handbells  (sanc.)  6:30 p.m.  masks required.

         13  -  Stewardship & Finance, (fh)   6:00 p.m.  masks required.

         17  -  Wawasee H.S. Class of 2023 Chicken BBQ  (church parking lot)  10 a.m. – 2 p.m.     




Apr.  19 –  Purple Hearts, 9 a.m., activities room

               -  Handbells  (sanc.)  6:30 p.m.  masks required.

         25  -  Handbells  (sanc.)  6:30 p.m.  masks required.




Thanks to…


 Barb Bartels for the special music this past Sunday, April 11th.


Those who purchased BBQ on Sat., April 10, and to those who volunteered: Chris FischerBecky Fox,  Gary Green,  Pastor Henry,  Buddy MartzJudy NicodemusBrian & Roz Schwartz,  Patty Schwartz,  Karen Stiver and Dave Van Lue.  Special thanks to Gary Green for heading up the fundraiser this year.  Proceeds from the BBQ so far,  $1,400 +         



Nelson’s Chicken & Chops


There is a limited number of chicken halves and chops left from the BBQ.  If you are interested, they are on sale now from the church office, Mon. – Thur., 7:30 – 2:30 or on Sunday morning after worship.  $8 each, cash or check.  First come first sold.


Communion Cups


If you are an on-line listener or attend in your car and would like to participate in 

Communion on the first Sundays of each month along with those in worship service, 

you are welcomed to pick up individual communion cups from Calvary.  

Just stop in the office at your leisure to pick some up or call ahead 

and I will bring what you need to your car.


Upper Rooms


The May/June issue of the Upper Room is now available in the church office.  

If you prefer, just call ahead and I will be happy to bring one out to your car.  As always, donations of $1 are always accepted for Devotionals.



Altar Flowers


Altar flowers are needed for  Sundays, April 25 & May 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30.


You’re welcome to reserve a date by marking your name on the hallway calendar,

calling the church office at (457-3778) or emailing the church at



Keep Our Family Connected


Not everyone in our congregation has an e-mail account.  Please help to keep those persons informed of changes in our schedule as listed in the e-navigator. If you are in need of a phone number, please call the church office.




‘Virtual’ MS WALK, - Saturday, May 15, 2021


Walk MS events have moved to a virtual experience.  MS doesn’t stop during this crisis, and neither will we.  People with MS need us now more than ever.  Please continue to contribute however you can.  Johnnie Fick is collecting contributions for this event and will be happy to take your gift as well.   All contributions are tax deductible.  You are welcomed to leave your donation in the church office.  Please make your check out to Walk MS.  If you would like to “virtually” walk in the event, 

you can register by going to Walk MS Ft. Wayne



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