August 17 , 2022

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This Sunday August 14, 2022 -    11th Sunday after Pentecost 



Message by Pastor Paul Burris

“Calming Life’s Storms”

Scripture: Mark 4:35-41      



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From Pastor Paul


When I think about the text in Mark 4:35-41 it reminds me, once again that the storms in life are inevitable.  There are circumstances that are out of our control.   

            Think about your life as a boat and the circumstances of life as the storms.  I ask you three questions today. 

            #1 Is Jesus Christ in your boat?  You know if he is or isn't.  If you have asked him into your life he is there.  If you haven't you can.  If he isn't in your boat, your life, during stormy times you will be frantic and experience fear.  It will seem that you have no one to turn to except others who are also in the storm and trial with you.  If Jesus Christ is not in your boat all you need to do is say, "Jesus Christ, come into my life, come into my boat."   

            #2 If Christ is in your boat, your life, what is he doing at this present time?  Is Jesus sleeping and wanting you to see him at peace.  Is Jesus giving you peace in the midst of the storm?  Or is he waking up to speak to your storms and silence them in some dramatic fashion?  Is Jesus giving peace by his actions? 

            #3 If Jesus is in your boat during a storm have you responded with fear instead of faith?  If you have responded, like the disciples, in fear for your own lives do you hear the words Jesus?  "Why are you afraid?  Don't you have any faith?"  The words sound so harsh, and so direct.  Understand that the same grace that followed the rebuke to the disciples is yours as well.  Jesus continued to teach and love the disciples, he did not write them off.  He gave them another chance to show and express their faith.  Jesus Christ extends his loving grace to us today in the form of a second chance and hopes that we will respond in faith on another day. 

              One of my favorite hymns is "It is Well with My Soul." Horatio Spafford wrote it in 1873 after he found out that his four daughters died.  They died when the ship S. S. Ville du Havre sank in November 22, 1873.  The words to this song speak of peace and serenity.  Yet, this song was borne out of intense grief and suffering.  Can you imagine the loss of four of your daughters?  I cannot imagine the suffering.  Yet, Horatio in some way was able to express his faith in this beautiful song. 

            Listen to the words of the first verse.  "When peace like a river, attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll; whatever my lot, thou has taught me to say, It is well, it is well with my soul.  It is well with my soul, it is well, it is well with my soul." 

             We have the same man, Jesus Christ, who is in our boat, in our corner, in our lives no matter what storms we find ourselves in.  I want to offer up a special prayer for those who are in the midst of a storm that they might face their fear, they might ask Jesus to come into their boat, that they might see Jesus and might hear his words.   


See You Sunday, 


Pastor Paul 




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Get-To-Know Gatherings with Pastor Paul and Lisa

An opportunity to get to know the new pastor and his wife in an informal setting. 

Please sign up on clipboards in the narthex for upcoming dates. Aug. 29 (Hosts Phil and Marty Gordon, 6 pm); Wednesday, Sept. 7 (Host Judy Nicodemus, meeting at 6 pm); Monday, Sept.12 (Hosts Jim and Jan Rose 6 pm). 

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It’s Time to think about Christmas Shoe Boxes! People may purchase individual items and bring them to the south coat room (box marked “Christmas Shoe Boxes). Individual boxes to fill will be available in September. Items needed are toys, craft and activities, clothing and accessories and personal items.


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