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Pastor’s Memo…   It was fifty-seven years ago yesterday the world was jolted by the assassination of President Kennedy; November 22, 1963.  That was long enough ago, that today, to remember where you were when you heard the news means you're old.  Fifty-seven years after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated was1922.  So much happened in those fifty-seven years after that jolt to the nation.  World War I was barely four years over.  The Great Depression was less than a decade in the future.  Warren G. Harding was president and he died in August, 1923.  Another jolt?  Not so much.  Fifty-seven years later?  Ronald Reagan was president.  Presidential Assassinations and deaths that jolt and don't jolt the nation don't stop it from being a nation.  Segments of history fifty-seven years in length provide perspective, if we look for it.  What will fifty-seven years from now be like?  Who will be our president?  Will there be peace in the Middle East?  Will North Korea still be living in the Dark Ages?  Will there be an internal combustion engine motoring down Park Avenue?  Will anyone other than bank robbers still be wearing a mask?  United or divided?  Who will we be?  Fifty-seven years down the road, my children will be 96, 93, and 90.  What kind of world will they be leaving my great, great grandchildren?  One I hope which is still worth getting up for in the morning.


This Sunday,  November  29 –  1st Sunday of Advent   

Message: by Pastor David Henry

“Watch and Wait”


    Scriptures:   Isaiah 64:1-9;       Mark 13:24-37


  Special Music:  Barb Bartels 


Next Sunday,  December  6 –  2nd Sunday of Advent   

Messge: by Pastor David Henry


Scriptures:   Isaiah 40:1-11;       Mark 1:1-8


   Special Music:  Amy & Lucy Rensberger 





· Sunday,  December 6,  2020  -  2nd Sunday of Advent  


Isaiah 40:1-11;       Mark 1:1-8


· Sunday,  December 13,  2020  -  3rd Sunday of Advent  


Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11;       John 1:6-8, 19-28


· Sunday,  December 20,  2020  -  4th Sunday of Advent  


2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16;       Luke 1:26-38


· Sunday,  December 27,  2020  -  1st Sunday after Christmas  


Isaiah 61:10-62:3;       Luke 2:22-40





2020 Budget - $223,683;   Need per week - $4,302


Given week ending Nov. 22 - $4,705;    Rec. to date - $173,047




Nov.    26  -  Happy Thanksgiving!  Church Office Closed




Dec.       3  -  Staff Parish Relations mtg., 6:00 p.m. (fh)   masks required

             11 –  Calvary Community Dinner,  5:30-7 p.m. (carry-out only). 

             17  -  J.U.L.I.E.T.’s  (Join Us Ladies in Eating Together),  Kimmel House, 11:30 a.m. 

                           You’re cordially invited!  Please call Janelle Rensberger for 

                           reservations by Mon., Dec 14.    You’re cordially invited!



Thanks to…


Amy & Lucy Rensberger  for the special music this past Sunday, Nov. 22.

Aaron & Marty Meyer  for decorating the sanctuary for Christmas and to Lucy and Amy Rensberger for helping to carry down the trees from the attic.



Donna Workman  “Thank you to everyone for the prayers, cards, telephone calls & concerns during my illness.  I truly appreciated your thoughtfulness”.





Scrip order forms are attached to this e-navigator and are also available in the church office.   A great way to do your Christmas shopping!    Each card purchased gives a percentage back to our church.  

Order deadline is December 10.  





Calvary UMC is throwing a “baby shower” for Kimm and Nick Kovarik and their newborn daughter, Callan, born October 24th.  It will NOT be in-person.  We are collecting gifts to give the family.  

We had originally wanted to throw a diaper shower, but Callan’s skin is sensitive and requires 

special diapers.  Therefore, we are collecting money for gift cards so the family can purchase 

exactly what baby Callan needs.  Please send your donations to the church office and 

mark them “Baby Shower.”   Or you can call or text Patty Schwartz 

or Roz Schwartz and we can come to you and pick up the donation/gift.  

Thank you for your generosity!!



Altar Flowers


Altar flowers are needed for  Sundays, Dec. 6, 13, 20, and 27.

You’re welcome to reserve a date by marking your name on the hallway calendar,

calling the church office at (457-3778) or emailing the church at



   Designated Offerings


· Thanksgiving offering will go to the Syracuse Food Pantry.


· Christmas offering will go to the Syracuse Food Pantry.


· Christmas Eve offering will go to the Bishop’s Children’s Fund.



Calvary Christmas Outreach Catalog


The Christmas Outreach catalog will be placed in the mail on Mon., Nov. 23.  

It should be in your mailbox on Tues., Nov. 24.  A great opportunity to give a gift 

of love to those in need and fulfill your Christmas list for your friends 

and family without ever leaving your home!



3:16 Community Theatre 


“Welcome To Virginia”


December 4, 5 & 11 at 7:30 PM

(doors open at 6pm)

December 6 & 12 at 2:30 PM

(doors open at 1pm)


Quaker Haven Dining Hall

111 EMS D16 Lane, Syracuse, IN.


Reservations can be made by calling Quaker Haven Camp at 574-834-4193.  

Tickets are $20 per person. $13 children 5-12  (Includes show and buffet meal).


  Appetizers & buffet served one hour to showtime


Keep Our Family Connected


Not everyone in our congregation has an e-mail account.  Please help to keep those persons informed of changes in our schedule as listed in the e-navigator. If you are in need of a phone number, please call the church office.




J.U.L.I.E.T.s to Kimmel House


Juliets are planning their annual Christmas Luncheon again this year at the Kimmel House on Thursday, December 17th at 11:30 am.   If you are interested in attending, please contact Janelle Rensberger by Mon., Dec. 14 for reservations.



Chain Link Fence


The fence around the Little Lamb’s old play yard is available for a reasonable donation 

to the church.  You will be responsible for removing and moving it yourself. 

If you are interested, contact Gary Green.



Upper Rooms


The November/December issue of the Upper Room is now available 

in the Narthex and the church office.  

As always, donations of $1 are always accepted for Devotionals.




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