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From Pastor Paul 

Lisa and I would like to thank all of you for the warm welcome we received during our first Sunday at Calvary. 

It’s never easy moving into a new community but you all have made the transition an easier one. The difficult part is always unpacking and finding a place for everything. As I sort through the boxes, I find it hard to believe the value that I place on some the items that made the journey. Some of these items are truly treasures while others I couldn’t tell you when or where I got them. 

That’s how it is with our lives isn’t it? We continue to carry around things that really have no value and carry no significance. Jesus continues to challenge us to prioritize what is important in our lives. Jesus desires that we place our relationship with him at the top of our list. My prayer for all of us this year is that we will make it a point to grow in our relationship with Christ and that we will experience the fullness of life that relationship has to offer. 

It is wonderful to be a part of your church family. I’m looking forward to our future ministry together. 

In Christ,  

Pastor Paul