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E-Navigator: July 29, 2020


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Pastor’s Memo…    "Who was that masked man?"  Those of us who grew up in the late fifties and through the sixties know who he was.  He was the Lone Ranger.  He and his faithful friend, Tonto, rode through the West bringing law and order to the land.  Riding Silver and Scout they stood for right and justice and against the bad guys.  I will grant you the line between right and wrong was very easy to determine.  Everyone knew who was a miscreant and who was honest.  Simpler times, no doubt.  I will also admit that line hasn't ever only been clear.  In every life there are plenty shades of gray, and they way outnumber 50.  Life would be so much easier if every decision could be made by looking at a clearly marked line: this side is right, the other is wrong.  It has never been that simple.  It occurred to me, as I went to the bank this week, of a great irony.  I was greeted by a sign demanding I wear a mask to enter.  Just a few months ago it was absolutely impermissible to enter a bank with a hoodie or a face covering of any sort.  Some banks didn't even want it customers to wear a hat.  Being able to identify bank patrons who wanted to transact legal business made it necessary to be able to capture a picture of the customer.  Facial coverings made that very difficult to do.  Ergo, no masks, no large sun glasses, no hoodies.  COVID-19 has changed all that.  Masks are mandatory.  The Lone Ranger would be right at home in the American summer of A.D. 2020.  We may be in an unfamiliar and awkward season given COVID-19, but it won't last forever.  This Summer and the coming Fall.  Maybe even Christmas and beyond.  A new season free of the inconvenience of masks will surely come.  In the meantime, wear your mask in public.  Sanitize your hands often.  Maintain a safe distance always.  We'll beat this thing.  Of that, I am sure.

This Sunday,  August 2 –  9th Sunday of Pentecost                                                                                                                                                                                        

Message: by Pastor David Henry

                                                                   “It’s About Time”

 Scriptures:  Genesis 32:22-31;       Matthew 14:13-21                                                


Next Sunday,  August 9 –  10th Sunday of Pentecost                                                                                                                                                                                          

Message: by Pastor David Henry

]Scriptures:  Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28;       Matthew 14:22-23





Aug.      1 –  Boy Scout’s Nelson”s BBQ  (church parking lot) 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.




Aug.      3  – Trustee mtg,  (activities room)  7 p.m.  Masks required.

              6  -  Staff Parish Relations mtg.  (fellowship hall)  6 p.m.




Aug.    26 –  Life Line Screening  (fellowship hall), 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

                          Call  888-653-6450 to schedule appt. 



Keep Our Family Connected


Not everyone in our congregation has an e-mail account.  Please help to keep those persons informed of changes in our schedule as listed in the e-navigator.  If you are in need of a phone number, please call the church office.


“Ask the Pastor”


Our Calvary E-Navigator will now be coming to you twice a week; Monday, and Wednesday.  This arrangement is for this continued season of pandemic isolation.  Monday's edition will continue to include an "Ask the Pastor" segment.  Readers are invited to ask questions on any appropriate subject.  My response will be the Pastor's Memo for Monday.  I will not promise to answer every question as there may not be enough room.  You will be able to post your question by calling the Pastor or the church office or by replying to this e-mail.  Questions received by Friday will be considered for the following Monday’s segment.



Church Hours


In an effort to conserve budget expenses, office hours will be reduced to 7:30 – 2:30, Mon. – Thurs.  The church will remain locked except for the North doors which will 

be open during office hours.  Thank You


Church Calendar


Please have ALL events scheduled for the church posted on the church calendar in a timely manner so that our safe gathering guidelines can be implemented.


Upper Rooms


The July/August issue of the Upper Room is now available in the church office.  

If you would like to pick up a copy, just call ahead and I will be happy to bring one 

out to your car.  As always, donations of $1 are always accepted for Devotionals.




September is National Hunger Action Month


Please see the Calendar for Prayer and Action (sponsored by Society of St. Andrew) posted in the Narthex.  If you would like a copy, please call the office and one will be mailed to you.  574-457-3778.



Employment Opportunity:   Childcare provider needed in home, call Mary 574-526-3192.

Employment Opportunity:   Rose Garden Recovery Community has 2 openings for part time help.  There is also an opening for a live-in house leader at the grad center.  Call 260-237-1204.