Pastor’s Memo…  Before me is a price sticker with its UPC bar code from Marsh Supermarket dated January 3rd; year unknown.  It was attached to 1.18 pounds of a product that sold for 3 lbs. for $0.99.  The total price was $0.39.  My mother purchased this product and saw fit to save the price label because of its unusual, perhaps, unique description.  My hand to God, the product was "BONELESS BANANAS."  Again, what my mother bought that January 3rd at the above stated price was labeled "BONELESS BANANAS."  For the life of me, I did not know there was such a fruit as that.  Every banana I ever ate came without a bone.   And as my brain whirls and spins I do not believe bananas are de-boned before weighing and pricing.  I haven't consulted the produce manager at Fresh Market here in Syracuse to confirm that bananas do not need to be de-boned before being offered for sale to the unsuspecting public.  So close to retirement, I do not wish to give anyone reason to have me committed, medicated, and locked behind impenetrable doors. I came across this label cleaning off my desk and rummaging through all sorts of stuff in preparation for moving.  I have written a "pastor's memo" and (during the Covid-19 season, an "Ask the Pastor" memo) every week I've been the pastor at Calvary.  That time is coming to an end and so too will this Wednesday Memo.  Very seldom do I sit to compose this memo with anything already in my mind.  I sit and ponder, not unlike Edgar Allen Poe (Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—) and I pray to God an idea comes to me.  This week it was "BONELESS BANANAS."  Next week, who knows.  I did find a single piece of a jigsaw puzzle the other day.  I picked it up and thought this might be the beginning of a very odd Memo.  I have enjoyed composing these bits of ephemera and hope to continue with them in the future in another format.  My daughter Sarah wants me to start a blog and teach the Old Testament.  She even sent me a link with scads of ideas about how to do just that.  We'll see.  For now, be on the lookout as you scour the fruit section of the grocery store.  And, if by any chance at all, you should find a genuine bunch of "BONELESS BANANAS"  give me a call and we'll laugh about it and give thanks to God for such small pleasures.