“Ask the Pastor” (dated Aug. 3)

"Why do you always preach from the Old testament?"  That is our ASK THE PASTOR question for this week.  It comes to me from an e-mail I received Sunday afternoon.  A woman listening to our service at home on 92.5 FM noticed I tell the Old Testament stories and then get to the point.  Would that that was always the case.  

     I love the Hebrew Scriptures.  The Hebrew studies I did at seminary changed me.  They provided a vibrant and lasting perspective on how I understood my Christian faith.  Learning the language and being able to read the same texts Jesus read was exhilarating.  

     Learning the Hebrew was more than just a foreign language exercise.  To do that leaning meant becoming immersed in the life and history of our Jewish cousins; learning their culture, their seasons, and their feasts. 

     When Jesus preached or taught it was with the Torah and the Psalms and the Prophets reverberating in his brain and heart.  The parables are deeply rooted in his tradition.  His scriptures are the Church's scriptures.  His traditions are ours.  

     Genesis to Malachi reveal the Word of God to Jews and Christians.  Those ancient stories belong to both faith traditions.  Knowing them enables the Church to know and understand and love the Gospel Jesus came to reveal.  Knowing the stories Jesus knew connects us to those stories and to the people God chose to be his own.

     As those who have been grafted on to the chosen people of God, knowing and loving their story is to claim it with them as the story of God's steadfast desire to bring salvation to us all.  In all that, what's not to love?

Pastor’s Memo…    Modern technology is an amazing thing.  Our ability to communicate via E-mail would seem like magic to those who lived a century ago.  Today, we take it for granted.  Using our laptops and tablets and cell phones we send messages and pictures and read the news. That is, we do these things when we can connect to the Internet.  Calvary is making the leap to having our entire building wired for Internet access.  This is being done with the assistance of a generous grant from the Eli Lilly Foundation.  Wiring and new equipment are being installed to make this a reality.  Yesterday, Wednesday the 5th of August, saw most of that installation completed and for a good bit of the day Calvary was without Internet access.  That is why our usual Wednesday E-Navigator was not sent out as usual.  it's why you are receiving it today, Thursday, the 6th.  Being wired throughout the entire building allows us to stream our Sunday worship service on the Internet.   In-person worship, listening on 92.5 FM, and now watching from your devices is possible.  That means anyone connected to the Internet anywhere in the world can view and hear our worship.  The 21st Century has arrived.  We are a part of it.  Dave VanLue has overseen the installation of this technology and we thank him for his time and labor.  A world of possibilities are opening up for us and for that we give thanks to God.  I'm not sure when our first worship will be transmitted.  There may be a few glitches to work out, but we will let you know.