This is the year we add a day to the calendar.  Leap Year means 29 days in February.  Adding the day has to do with the earth's orbit around the sun and keeping in sync with astronomical time.  Our planet is just a very tiny bit slow with a 365 day year.  Way smarter people than me have determined the need to add a day every four years to make up for the earth being that tiny bit slow.  This calculation is a tad more intricate than simply adding an extra day every four years. But this manipulation keeps the vernal equinox on or very close to March 21st which is, as they say, good enough for government work.  At least that will keep the seasons regular.  Now, for the big question: what will you do with your extra day?  How will you spend that gift of 24 hours?  Take an extra long nap?   Spend time with grand children?  Go fishing or to the movies?  Just imagine how 24 extra hours could be used.  This year the 29th falls on a Saturday.  Perhaps we could "remember the Sabbath to keep it holy."  However you determine to spend your Leap Saturday, remember who makes all time and orders the seasons and keeps watch upon us all in every day we live.  Just remember, you won't get another chance to live an extra day for another four years.