Every birth comes with a name or two or three.  One of the joys parents have is giving their newborn a name.  Will it be a family name from generations past or brand new never before used?  It seems the trend of late is to make up a name so it is unlike any other.  Spellings and hyphens and even numbers are being added to names.  David Charles Henry. Three first names.  I can't tell you how often I've heard that when giving my name for some document.  My middle name was not my favorite name.  David was strong and not in either the Henry or Polovitch family tree.  Charles was my uncle's name.  He was my mother's brother.  When she left home at twelve to live in town so as to finish school my grandfather told her she needn't ever come back to the farm.  And she didn't.  It was her brother Charles who bought her a bicycle so she could get around.  Mom finished high school, spent a year in San Diego with her sister Kate welding on Liberty Ships, and in 1942, enrolled at the Brooklyn School of Nursing.  Upon graduating in 1946 she was a Registered Nurse.  Uncle Charles  came out to Indiana in 1950 to walk her down the aisle at her wedding because Grandpa and she never reconciled.  I was blessed with his name.  Charles Polovitch was a United States Marine and he fought in the South Pacific during World War II.  He was stationed on Tinian Island in the Northern Marianas.  He was among the US Marines who guarded the ENOLA GAY as it was prepared to drop the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan.  Uncle Charlie came home from the war and took up farming and raised a family in Nicholson, PA.  He couldn't talk about where he was stationed or what he did but word got out.  One of the Nicholson hometown boys was on Tinian.  One of the hometown Nicholson boys kept watch on the most famous air plane in the US arsenal.  And when the town folk confirmed this, they named the road that ran past his farm "The Polovitch Road."  Such is a name.  Such was their decision to honor his service.  I'm proud to bear his name into the 21st Century.  Uncle Charlie's middle name was Basil, after the saint of the Eastern Orthodox Church.  David Basil Henry.  Doesn't have quite the same ring.  Thanks Mom for Charles.