New responsibilities come to us upon reaching a certain level of maturity.  They are unavoidable as we move from being children to youth to adults.  One such adult responsibility is paying one's bills.  I remember watching my dad take out his checkbook every Friday after dinner, gather the family's bills, and write checks.  He'd have the bank deposit slip where he could see it and off he'd go.  Some bills were paid in full, like the utilities.  Others were not, like the Sears charge card or the Shell gas card. The mortgage payment was paid monthly with a coupon and was paid on time without fail.  As I watched my dad do this week after week after week, I knew it was a very important task.  When finished, Mom and Dad would talk about what money was then available for food and other living expenses for the coming week.  It was some time before I realized the lesson my dad was silently teaching week after week after week.  He was demonstrating what an adult does when being responsible for a family; how to be a husband and a father.  His employment fed us and housed us and clothed us.  He took seriously the obligation to keep us safe.  You might not realize it, but that recurring task is one of the ways we help stabilize the culture.  Each person and each family taking responsibility for their debts and being trustworthy over weeks and months and years seeing to it they are paid to whom they are due.  When I moved out of the house just before my 21st birthday and found myself looking at a bank deposit slip and a stack of bills and my checkbook.  That's when I knew I'd become an adult. Thanks for the lesson, Dad.