Thoughts and Prayers Mass Shooting at Robb Elementary School in Ulvade, Texas

Like all of you, I am shocked, deeply saddened and troubled by yesterday’s senseless act of evil at Robb Elementary School in Ulvalde Texas. I like most of you, cannot fathom how someone could take the lives of 19 innocent children and 2 of their teachers. How does such evil and such darkness go unnoticed, until it rears its head in such a horrific way. In light of what has transpired let us be the followers of Christ we are supposed to be – let us strive to share the light of Jesus Christ and the never-ending love and grace of God with the world. Let us follow Jesus’ example and friend the friendless, notice the unnoticed, love the unloved. Maybe if enough Christians step up to truly be light shiners we can lessen the darkness around us. 

Let us be in prayer for all those who have lost children, sisters, brothers, neighbors, friends, loved ones in this tragedy. Let us be in prayer for the police and first responders who responded. Let us be in prayer for children everywhere. 

I leave you with the following prayer, written by my good friend Retired, Rev. Tom True.

Pastor Mindy

Good Morning God.

The night seemed short and the morning seems slow to awaken, however YOU ARE GOD! YOU ARE GOD and that alone is the foundation of life, love and good! Thank You God! First God, for all of those touched by the mass murders yesterday in Texas, please surround them with Your people of grace, comfort, and a peace that passes our human level of understanding. Draw them close in Your arms Holy God and comfort them in Your Holy Presence.

 Now gracious God unleash Your Spirit in all of us so that Your Light IN each of us might do its part to eradicate the darkness that seems to be growing in the world today. Please utilize each and everyone of us – your children – your disciples to extend Your Love and Your Grace in ways that enhance inclusion rather than hatred and violence. Forgive us God for the times we fail to act with respect, caring and grace and renew a right spirit in us, Amen.

THOUGHT: God IS STILL GOD! Let us bond together with embracing inclusion rather than fighting and destroying each other with permanent exclusion.

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