Pastor’s Memo…     With great pleasure and lots of excitement, Calvary will be returning to in-person worship this Sunday the 28th of February!  What's more, we will be returning to in-person meetings, Sunday School, and Bible studies.  We will continue to be observing safe distancing and wearing face masks.  Temperatures will be checked at worship, also.  I am trying to get some official guidance about using hymn books and bulletins.  That step forward is still being negotiated.  We are not yet ready to gather for meals.  Weddings and funerals are workable with distancing and face masks.  We are slowly, surely, and safely returning to gathering as a family of faith in the Calvary House of God.  We will be singing hymns during worship with masks.  We can continue to receive our offerings upon entering the sanctuary and to lift up prayer requests in an audible fashion.  So much of our daily routine has been disjointed and rearranged and even eliminated because of COVID-19, to be able to return to some of our past practices is a welcome relief.  My prayer is we will continue to move forward and by Easter we can celebrate our greatest joy together and in each other's company.  The future is not ours to see or control.  We live each day in faith and with gratitude to God for all our blessings.  One of those blessings is the patience our congregation has demonstrated these last many months.  Calvary has been tested by and has overcome the burdens and challenges of this pandemic season.  We will move day by day into a pattern of living that will continue to honor God and serve the Syracuse community.  I invite you to come and join in the vibrant worship at Calvary.  We are still transmitting our Sunday service on 92.5 FM  radio.   We are still live-streaming our Sunday worship at    Be a part of our family of God in this season of Lent and rejoice with the hosts of heaven in the eternal love of God.  See you Sunday.


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