Pastor’s Memo…   It was fifty-seven years ago yesterday the world was jolted by the assassination of President Kennedy; November 22, 1963.  That was long enough ago, that today, to remember where you were when you heard the news means you're old.  Fifty-seven years after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated was1922.  So much happened in those fifty-seven years after that jolt to the nation.  World War I was barely four years over.  The Great Depression was less than a decade in the future.  Warren G. Harding was president and he died in August, 1923.  Another jolt?  Not so much.  Fifty-seven years later?  Ronald Reagan was president.  Presidential Assassinations and deaths that jolt and don't jolt the nation don't stop it from being a nation.  Segments of history fifty-seven years in length provide perspective, if we look for it.  What will fifty-seven years from now be like?  Who will be our president?  Will there be peace in the Middle East?  Will North Korea still be living in the Dark Ages?  Will there be an internal combustion engine motoring down Park Avenue?  Will anyone other than bank robbers still be wearing a mask?  United or divided?  Who will we be?  Fifty-seven years down the road, my children will be 96, 93, and 90.  What kind of world will they be leaving my great, great grandchildren?  One I hope which is still worth getting up for in the morning.


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